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2023 Season Full of Events!

Last weekend Plattsburgh RV Park & our wonderful volunteers hosted a “Welcome Back” brunch to kick off the 2023 season!

The sun was shining & the golf carts were out!

Our volunteers served over 100 campers. We saw some new faces & watched many seasonals reconnect with friends. It was a great morning!

This was just the start of events & activities this year! A pulled pork dinner is scheduled for this upcoming weekend. (June 3rd - 5pm)

As always, RSVP’s can be filled out on our website!

Our full schedule can be found under the events tab.

We firmly believe an RV park is more than just a place to park vehicles and camp; it's a community.

We’re so thankful for the turnout we had & we look forward to all the events to come!

Here’s to the rest of the 2023 season!

-Cara :)

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